Rescue – Sunday 23 August 2015

Two men for Redcar were taken to hospital after being thrown into the sea after the toy dinghies they were using capsized in strong winds on Sunday 23 August 2015.
The RNLI lifeboats from Redcar were launched at 6.30pm after the alarm was raised. One man managed to get ashore near the  Majuba car park while the other was rescued by a group of people who were also using an inflatable dinghy nearby.
Crew from both lifeboats joined colleagues from the lifeboat station who had travelled to the scene by four-wheel drive vehicles.
Dave Cocks, one of the RNLI team who arrived by road, said: ‘When we got there, both men were ashore. One was cold and was being cared for by UK Coastguard officers.
‘The second man was in quite a bad way. He was slipping in and out of consciousness but managed to tell us he’d been in the sea for quite a while.
‘We gave him emergency medical aid until an ambulance crew arrived and then we used one of our crew’s four-wheel drive vehicles to carry the man to the ambulance.’
Both men were taken to hospital for treatment.
Dave Cocks said: ‘This is yet another example of people going to sea in toy inflatables which are totally unsuitable for the North Sea.
‘Neither man was properly equipped. They didn’t have lifejackets and in fact the man we treated had lost all his clothes during the incident, making him much more vulnerable to hypothermia.
‘The RNLI’s Respect The Water campaign is aimed squarely at those people who have no intention of being in the sea but through incidents like this end up in danger of losing their lives.’
A hard-hitting message about the RNLI Respect The Water Campaign can be found at