Rescue – Monday 21 December 2015

RNLI volunteers from the Redcar lifeboat station responded by road and sea to an emergency call from the ambulance service to help deal with an injured person at  the South Gare breakwater on Monday 21 December 2015.

The call came at 1pm through UK Coastguard after a kitesurfer was reported to be badly injured near Bran Sands at South Gare.

The Redcar Atlantic 85 class lifeboat was prepared for launching while two of the team trained in advanced casualty care travelled in a four-wheel drive vehicle to the scene.

On arrival they found that the injured man had been rescued by a fellow kitesurfer and was in the care of the ambulance service and so the lifeboat launch was cancelled.

Steve Atkinson, one of the RNLI volunteers who travelled to the scene, said: ‘The first report was that the man had been badly injured, so while the lifeboat was being readied for launch a couple of us went by road to the scene.

‘When we got there, thankfully the man was reasonably OK. He’d been rescued by another kitesurfer and was receiving treatment in the ambulance.

‘The second kitesurfer told us his friend had been knocked out while he was in the sea. Fortunately he was nearby and was able to rescue his friend and bring him ashore.’