Redcar RNLI issues tide warning

Redcar RNLI is issuing a bank holiday warning about the perils of being trapped by the tide at Saltburn.

Already in 2016 there have been four emergencies at Huntcliff, with 10 people finding themselves cut off by the rising tide.

The rescues have called on the services of the RNLI lifeboats from Redcar, police and coastguard helicopters and coastguard rescue teams, and some of those rescued have spent time in hospital.

Dave Cocks, Lifeboat Operations Manager at Redcar RNLI says: ‘With the promise of some reasonable weather over the bank holiday and schools half term it’s worth repeating yet again our safety message.

‘We have a beautiful stretch of coastline here and it’s great to see the beaches full of people having fun.

‘But it’s no fun finding yourself trapped, cold and wet, by the relentless approach of the tide. Once you are pinned against the base of the cliffs, there’s nowhere to go. You will need to be rescued, and you have to raise the alarm early.

‘There’s a misconception that the danger point is when it is high tide, but that’s not correct. Once low tide has passed, and the sea is on its way back in, that’s the dangerous time.

Grabbed Frame 1‘The most common time to be cut off at Huntcliff is about three hours after the tide has started to come in. That also means there’s another three hours of rising tide to come, and that is obviously going to have serious consequences.’

The RNLI offers the following advice to anyone using the beach:

  • Check the tide times before you venture out to place where you could get trapped.
  • Always look for areas of the beach patrolled by lifeguards. Look for the yellow and red flags.
  • Never swim on your own. Always have someone with you who can raise the alarm.
  • If you go on the sea in any sort of craft, always wear a lifejacket.
  • If you get into difficulties, dial 999 or 112 and ask for the coastguard. Stay calm and stay on the line. Otherwise, raise your arm in the air and shout for help.

Dave Cocks adds: ‘Don’t become another statistic. Our Respect the Water campaign has a simple message. The sea can be a very dangerous place. It is cold and unforgiving. You must show it respect because it doesn’t respect anyone.’

Tide times for Saltburn can be found on the Redcar RNLI website at and for more sea safety advice visit the RNLI website