Rescue – Tuesday 10 May 2016

Four teenagers were rescued by the Redcar RNLI lifeboats from the base of Huntcliff, Saltburn on Tuesday 10 May 2016.

The four, aged 16 and 17 years, were trapped by the incoming tide at the notorious cut-off point near the Ship Inn, Saltburn. They raised the alarm by telephoning the police who then contacted UK Coastguard.

The lifeboats launched at 7.20pm and quickly found the group trapped at the bottom of the cliffs.

The smaller inshore lifeboat ran in and picked up two of the teenagers and carried them to the larger RNLI lifeboat before returning to bring back the remaining two.

All four were cold and wet and were taken back to Redcar where they were checked over by casualty-care trained RNLI crew members.

Grabbed Frame 2Once they were rewarmed they were taken to Kirkleatham police station to await collection by the parents of one of the teenagers.

The four were three males and one female and were from the Darlington and Durham area.

Dave Cocks, Lifeboat Operations Manager at Redcar RNLI said: ‘They are four very lucky young people. They had managed to climb to a point of safety to escape the tide. They were able to telephone the police to raise the alarm, and the police then passed on the call to UK Coastguard who tasked our lifeboats.

‘The police arranged for a CCTV camera on the promenade at Saltburn to monitor the young people until we arrived.

‘This was a routine rescue we’ve carried out countless times. If they’d checked the tide times the incident would probably not have happened.’

Video of the rescue can be seen at