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The Redcar Lifeboat Station web site is committed to protecting your privacy. You can visit all pages on our site, including the Visitors Book, without giving us any information about yourself. But sometimes we do need information about you to answer questions you may ask by sending an email. That information is not routinely held at a central point and is only used to answer questions you have voluntarily asked of us.

Your e-mail address is deleted as soon as your question has been answered. We never sell, share or rent personal information received from you by e-mail. We will never make unsolicited contact with you using the information you have given us.

To improve the content of the Redcar Lifeboat Station web site we routinely use a third-party to collect and store information from online visitors. This information includes the pages visited on the site, the date and time of the visit, the internet address (URL or IP address) of the referring site, the domain name and IP address from which the access occurred, the version of browser used, the capabilities of the browser, and search terms used in search engines.

For more information see their privacy statement at This site makes no attempt to identify individual visitors from this information.

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