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Redcar Lifeboat Station - Meet the Crew and Station Officials
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Dave Cocks - Lifeboat Operations Manager
Dave Cocks Lifeboat Operations Manager

Dave joined the station in 1978. During his time on the station he has been crew member, tractor driver, senior tractor driver, tractor mechanic and Deputy Launching Authority. Dave also acts as Lifeboat Press Officer..

Dave followed his father's footsteps into the station. Dave says: 'The camaraderie and dedication of the volunteer crew is what makes being on the station most worthwhile.'

Dave works as a freelance first aid instructor, having previously spent many years working in the steel industry as a blastfurnaceman.

Dave Holgate - Deputy Launching Authority
Dave Holgate - Deputy Launching Authority

Dave joined the lifeboat station as a deputy launching authority. He was awarded the RNLI's gold badge for services to the RNLI in 2010.

Dave is a retired river pilot.

Bob O'Neill - Deputy Launching Authority
Bob O'Neill

Bob previously worked as a Shift Production Engineer in the offshore industry.

He first became interested in the RNLI in early 1969, when he was an apprentice mechanic at a garage close to the lifeboat station, and officially joined the crew in December 1969.

He has been boat crew, ILB crew, tractor driver, member of the management committee. Bob says: 'I get a great deal of satisfaction when we bring someone in safely who may not otherwise have survived. Thankfully the good times far outweigh the bad. It is good to see we still get volunteers through the doors who are willing to help people in need.'

Tony Jamieson - Sea Safety Officer
Tony Jamieson

Tony has been involved with the RNLI for over 40 years. He was previously a crew member at a nearby lifeboat station. He is a retired transport manager.

Dr Roger Smith - Lifeboat Medical Adviser
Station doctor Roger Smith
Roger is a GP at a local practice. He as a special interest in emergency medicine and has been the station's Honorary Medical Adviser for over 20 years.
Peter Haslett - Lifeboat Treasurer
Peter Haslett - Treasurer
Peter has been the station's treasurer for over 20 years. He is a retired assistant bank manager.
Ian Readman - Branch Chairman
Branch Chairman (ex Operations Manager) Ian Readman
Ian join the lifeboat station as Lifeboat Operations Manager in 1983 and held the post until his retiement in 2007 when he became Branch Chairman. Ian is a retired river pilot.
Mike Picknett - Senior Helmsman
Mike Picknett - Senior Helmsman
Mike received the 30-year bar to his long service badge in 2015. He was awarded the BEM for services to the RNLI in 2012. He works for Cleveland Fire Brigade.
Tony Wild - Helmsman
Helmsman Tony Wild
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Mark Greaves - Helmsman & Lifeboat Mechanic
Mark Greaves - Mechanic
Mark is a part-time fisherman, and works at the local steelworks.
Mark Reeves - Helmsman & Station Training Coordinator
Helmsman Mark Reeves

Mark was a full-time fisherman before he joined the crew, sometimes sailing with other fishermen who manned the lifeboats at Redcar.

Mark now works as a marine co-ordinator for a nearby wind farm.

Andy Beevis - Helmsman
Andy Beevis - helmsman
Helmsman Andy is a lobster merchant.
Cameron Bond - Crew member & D-class Helmsman
Cameron Bond
Cameron is a part-time fisherman, and works for a local engineering company.
Dave Scott - Crew member & D-class helmsman
Dave Scott
Dave is the station's training co-ordinator. He works for the local port authority.
Barry Knaggs - Crew member
Barry Knaggs - crew
Barry has been with the crew since the 1990s. He is an ambulance technician.
Judd Warrior - Crew member
Judd Warrior
Judd is a JCB driver, working in the nearby steelworks.
Tom McNamara - Crew member
Tommy MacNamara

Tom is one of the more senior crew members on the station. When he's not putting in many extra hours helping with the training of the new crew members he spends time cycling and surfing.

Tom works in the town as the owner of East Coast Cycles.

Craig Pearson - D class helm
Craig Pearson
Craig joined the Redcar station in 2006. He works in the offshore industry.
Blake Brunskill - Crew member
Blake Brunskill

Blake first became involved with the station as part of his Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

As a crew member Blake says: 'The highlight is the atmosphere amongst the crew. There's a load of friendly banter and at the end of the day I get a good feeling from serving the community.'

Outside of the RNLI, Blake is a qualified barrister and has recently gained a master of Law degree.

Mark McGuire - D class helm
Mark McGuire

Mark joined the crew at Redcar because he wanted to something worthwhile and help local people. Mark says the best part of being a crew member is that he is involved in helping others and making a difference to someone's life.

Mark works as a shipping clerk for a local haulage company and spends his free time doing many things from anything outdoors to cooking.

Derek Nelson - Crew member
Derek Nelson
Derek joined us in 2006. He is a specialist in the offshore pipe and cable laying industries.
Stuart Nelson - Crew member
Stuart Nelson
Like his father Derek, Stuart joined the Redcar station in 2006 from a nearby station. Stuart is a ROV pilot.
Nathan Hobday - Crew member
Nathan Hobday

Nathan joined the station in 2010 as a trainee. He saw the lifeboat launching on a few rescues and decided he wanted to be part of the team.

Nathan works in the offshore wind turbine industry. His main hobby is photography.

Ben Cutter - trainee
Greg Young
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Luke Picknett - trainee
Greg Young
Luke joind the station in 2014. He is an apprentice mechanical engineer.
Stephen Sill - Trainee
Greg Young
Steve is a part-time fisherman, and works at the local steelworks.
Ben Howard - Trainee
Ben Howard

Ben joined the station in 2012. He works on dive support vessels.

Doug Shotton - Senior Tractor Driver & Tractor mechanic
Doug Shotton - Tractor Mechanic and Senior Tractor Driver
Doug is our senior tractor driver and tractor mechanic. Doug is a miner, working in a local potash mine.
Derek Robinson - Tractor Driver
Derek Robinson
Derek joined the crew in the mid-1980s. After a spell as boat crew, Derek became one of the station's tractor drivers. Derek works in the offshore wind industry.
Tony Wheater - Tractor Driver
Crewman Tony Wheater
A former crew member, Tony works at a local castings foundry.
Steve Atkinson - Tractor Driver
Steve Atkinson
Steve joined Redcar in 2006 from a nearby station. Steve is a psychiatric nurse.
Bruce Hardy - Tractor Driver
Bruce Hardy
Bruce was a crew member before becoming a tractor driver. He works at the local blast furnace.
Paul Calvert - trainee tractor driver
Paul Calvert
Former crew member Paul is a qualified offshore medic, currently working at a nearby potash mine.
Trevor Jones - Lifeboat Station Attendant
Trevor Jones - boathouse attendant
Lifeboat station attendant Trevor is a retired funeral director.

Pensioners Corner (Gone but not forgotten)

Helmsman Mike Smithson (retired) Dave Hodge - Helmsman and Boat Mechanic (retired) Mike (Sinbad) Hoyle - Crewman Jamie Benbow - Tractor Driver
Ex Senior helmsman Peter Hodge - holder of the RNLI Bronze Medal for bravery John Flounders - Tractor Driver and all-round spot-on guy! Dee basham - Crew Member Crew member Jonathon  Danks
Charlie Cocks - Station Admin. Officer Branch Chairman trevor Walker Phil Teasdale Crew member Gordon Young
Graeme Cocks - Shore Crew Helmsman Andy Stonehouse John Laidler Leigh Walker
Liam Rogers Crew Member Andy Barnett Mike Mawson Stan Layton - Boathouse Attendant
Andy Rogers Martin Challenor Rob Walpole Eddie Ransom - Shore Crew
Charlie Bade Ernie Bennett - Shore crew Emma Davidson Peter Gunn
Nigel Gardner Dave Cammish - LOM Greg Young  


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