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Redcar Lifeboat Station - Assorted Photos
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1980's flag day Sea King carrying out winching exercise Saltscar north cardinal buoy A birds eye view of the A21 and tractor.
97,000 tonne oil tanker Freaja Svea aground at Redcar
Pulling Lifeboat "Queen Victoria" being hauled into the current Redcar Lifeboat Station, August 1999
Pulling Lifeboat "Queen Victoria" on display in the shopping area of Redcar, August 1999
Sea King helicopter
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly aboard "Leicester Challenge"
Tractor Driver Charlie Bade in TW18H
Rescue 128 from RAF Leconfield during the search for missing children
Cheque for £12,000 presented by British Steel September 1998
Capsize practice.
Capsize practice.
Crewman Neil Addision - Boarding exercise using the Saltscar Rocks North Cardinal buoy
TV personality Pam Royale and her children aboard "Leicester Challenge"
Flag Day 1999 - Helmsman Mark Reeves
Flag Day 1999 - D498 - Rescue 128 SeaKing Helicopter from R.A.F. Leconfield
Flag Day 1999 - me and my boy!
Flag Day 1999 - D498 - on exercise with Rescue 128 SeaKing Helicopter from R.A.F. Leconfield
Flag Day 1999 - D.L.A. Dave Cammish
Flag Day 1999 - Bill and Ben, alias Charlie Bade and "Ange"
Flag Day 1999 - Tractor Driver Ernie Bennett
Flag Day 1999 - "Leicester Challenge" - high and dry in the High Street Redcar
Flag Day 1999 - D498 puts on a show. Sea King from RAF Leckonfield Sea King from RAF Leckonfield Land Rover Discovery used by our winning Lifeboat Challenge team
LandRover Discovery used by our winning Lifeboat Challenge team Winning 48hr Lifeboat Challenge Team Winning 48hr Lifeboat Challenge Team Capsize practice
Capsize Practice Capsize Practice Capsize Practice Chubby Brown presents the Lifeboat Trophy
Crew at the christening of Peterborough Beer Festival 1 Crew aboard Leicester Challenge 2 Helmsman Barry Knaggs & Tractor driver Ernie Bennett Helmsmen Tony Wild, Barry Knagges & Mark Greaves
Derek Robinson - Standard Bearer Gary Coughlin, Andy Stonehouse & "Puddy" Greaves Helmsmen Mark Greaves and Andy Stonehouse congratulate crewman True Grit! Helmsmen Andy Stonehouse and Barry Knaggs.
Crew 2001 Three Firemen! Helmsman Andy Stonehouse at the controls of "Leicester Challenge" Cameron Bond
Liam Rogers Andy Beevis Barry Knaggs Cameron Bond
Craig Pearson Paul Calvert Mark Reeves Mark Reeves
Peter Gunn & Tony Wild Stuart Nelson Rob Walpole Blake Brunskill
Craig Pearson Blake Brunskill & Mark McGuire Nigel Gardner Homeward bound
Flare training      


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