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Atlantic 85 Class Boat
Atlantic 75

The Atlantic 85 class lifeboat at Redcar is named "Leicester Challenge 3". She came on service 28 March 2012. Click here to read more about her.

'IB1' Class
D Class

In the early 1960's, Redcar was one of the first 4 lifeboat stations in the UK to operate an inshore rescue boat, later to be designated the 'D' class lifeboat. Redcar's latest inshore lifeboat - an IB1 - is named"Jacky Hunsley". Click here to read more.

Unsung Heroes!

No lifeboat goes to sea without the help of a launching and recovery team. Often their work goes unnoticed by everyone except the station crews themselves. Click here to read more.

The Station

The Redcar lifeboat station was first built in 1802 a few hundred yards from where the operational station now stands. Click here for more.



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