Rescues during 2017

The information on this page may not reflect the official rescue figures published by the RNLI each January. In particular cancelled launches and entries in this list without an incident number, which are “good Samaritan services” carried out to help others in difficulty, may not appear in the RNLI figures. Maps are for information only and should not be relied upon.

Incident Time
Boat Details
6 16:06 04 Feb 2017 D786 Reports of up to 5 people stranded on rocks at Redcar. Returned to safety unaided so launch cancelled.
5 17:06 28 Jan 2017 B858 Reports of a fishing boat in difficulties off Saltburn. On arrival all was found to be well. False alarm.
4 12:14 27 Jan 2017 D786 Launched to assist coastguard rescue teams with the recovery of a dog fallen from Huntcliff, Saltburn. Stood down en-route.
3 12:51 16 Jan 2017 D786 Reports of a surfer in difficulties off Marske. On arrival all was found to be well. False alarm.
1 & 2 23:34 08 Jan 2017 B858 & D786 Request to assist police searching for man in distress in Saltburn area. Lifeboats stood down by UK Coastguard after man was taken into care of police.