Rescues during 2018

The information on this page may not reflect the official annual rescue figures published by the RNLI.

Entries without an incident number are usually “good Samaritan services” carried out to help others in difficulty and which may not appear in the official figures. Maps are for information only and should not be relied upon.

Incident Time
Boat Details
 8 14:11 08 Apr 2018  B858 Fishing boat with 2pob. Prop fouled on rope. Rope released and boat towed to safety in River Tees.
 7 16:55 30 Mar 2018  D786 Launched to report of person in the sea at Redcar. Nothing found. False alarm.
 5 & 6 16:09 30 Mar 2018  B858 & D786 Both boats paged to reports of multiple people in the sea. Launch cancelled – others rescued the people involved.
  11:20 18 Feb 2018   Casualty care given to 71yo man after fall down steps onto beach.
4 19:35 12 Feb 2018 B858 Police incident at Saltburn. Resolved shortly after launching so returned to station.
3 10:22 6 Feb 2018 B858 Fishing boat with 2pob broken down off Saltburn. Towed to safety at Saltburn.
1 & 2 13:35 28 Jan 2018 B858 & D780 Recovered deceased dog from base of cliffs at Saltburn.