Rescues during 2019

The information on this page may not reflect the official annual rescue figures published by the RNLI.

Entries without an incident number are usually “good Samaritan services” carried out to help others in difficulty and which may not appear in the official figures. Maps are for information only and should not be relied upon.


Incident Time
Boat Details
20 17:23 16 Jul 2019 B858 Broken down fishing boat off Saltburn with 4 persons on board. Towed to safety at Skinningrove.
19 14:50 16 Jul 2019 B858 Boat swamped during recovery at Redcar. Salvage pump used to clear water before local fisherman used tractor to pull clear of surf.
18 09:24 16 Jul 2019 B858 Broken down RIB with 3 people on board. Towed to beach at Redcar.
17 15:43 13 Jul 2019 B858 Fishing boat with 6 persons on board, broken down off Redcar. Towed to Hartlepool.
16 13:28 13 Jul 2019 D786 Broken down jetski. Towed to safety at Redcar
15 21:54 24 Jun 2019 B858 Search involving lifeboats from Redcar, Staithes and Hartlepool for broken-down boat in fog. Found and towed to Hartlepool.
14 15:50 15 Jun 2019 B858 Incident at South gare. Resolved by police before lifeboat arrived.
13 04:23 26 May 2019 D786 Called to give assistance to unconscious person close to the water’s edge at Redcar. Given casualty care until arrival of ambulance crew.
12 00:49 23 May 2019 B858 Placed on immediate readiness for possible missing person. Stood down before launching.
11 16:11 05 May 2019 B858 Incident in the River Tees. Body recovered.
10 22:01 21 Apr 2019 D786 Concern for missing person. Crew placed on standby. Stood down shortly afterwards.
9 15:58 20 Apr 2019 D786 Person in the sea at Redcar. Encouraged to return to the beach by coastguard team so launch cancelled.
8 12:45 19 Apr 2019 D786 Capsized kayak at Redcar. Person found ashore suffering effects of cold water. Given treatment at the lifeboat station until ambulance arrived.
6 & 7 20:20 28 Feb 2019  B858 & D786 Reports of person in the sea at Redcar. Nothing found.
5 10:35 03 Feb 2019  D786 Reports of people cut off by the tide on rocks at Redcar. Made their own way to safety. Lifeboat stood down.
3 & 4 08:20 12 Jan 2019  B858 & D786 Person in the sea at South Gare. Given emergency treatment before being taken to hospital by ambulance.
1 & 2 14:17 03 Jan 2019  B858 & D786 Police incident at Saltburn.