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On 19 January 1992 Leicester Challenge was launched into difficult sea conditions, an 11-13ft swell and onshore NW Force 5 wind, at 1314 to assist two persons cut off by the tide at the base of Huntcliff, over four miles ESE of the station. The lifeboat, with Peter Hodge at the helm and crew Derek Robinson, Barry Wheater and Mark Reeves, was lifted almost vertical by a wave as she was launched.

Leicester Challenge arrived on scene at 1324. The man, woman and dog were trapped beneath high cliffs with the incoming tide breaking all round them. They had moved onto high loose shale but their position seemed untenable. Seas were breaking directly onshore some 130 yards off. Peter took the lifeboat through the first line of breaking seas and turned head-to-sea to assess the situation. After consulting his crew, he told the coastguard he intended to attempt a rescue.

Peter turned the lifeboat to shore and ran in through heavy seas, using both engines and helm to control the lifeboat in such dangerous conditions. About 200ft from the cliff, the anchor was let go in l6ft of water. The engines were worked astern and, after a short distance dragging along the flat scar, the anchor held.

Peter veered down towards the casualties with crew members Mark Reeves in the bow and Derek Robinson taking soundings with a paddle over the stern. The lifeboat was constantly awash and at one point Mark, jammed into the bow to maintain his position, was engulfed in water. Around 50ft from shore, Derek touched the sea bottom with the paddle.

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Launching Leicester Challenge