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On Sunday 16 April 1995, two boys were seen in a dangerous situation at the foot of the cliffs at Saltburn. The Leicester Challenge launched at 1542 with Mike Picknett in command and Michael Hoyle, Barry Knaggs and Gordon Young as crew and headed at full power for the cliffs at Saltburn, some six miles away. As she approached the Coastguard Sector Officer on the cliff top showed the lifeboat where the two casualties were and Mike Picknett made a run past, clear of the surf line.

He saw the two boys standing on rocks at the foot of 500ft cliffs, just clear of the surf breaking on the rocks. There was still some one-and-a-half-hours until high water and, although the boys would probably still be clear of the water, they were already cut off and could not walk to safety. They were dressed only in shorts and T-shirts and would have to wait some hours before they could get to safety. The onshore wind was also forecast to in crease to Force 6.

After discussion with the Coastguard Sector Officer Mike Picknett decided to evacuate the casualties. By now the wind was NNW Force 4, with a substantial 2 to 3 metres Northerly swell rolling in onto the beach. Mike manoeuvred the lifeboat up-tide of the casualties and clear of the breaking seas, anchored and then veered down until they were about 60 metres from the shore, clear of some isolated rocks further inshore.

Gordon Young swam ashore with a line, two lifejackets and a waterproof VHF radio and secured the line around a rock. The lifeboat was now secured fore and aft but because Mike Picknett was worried that the engines might hit the rocks as the boat surged in the large swell the engines were stopped and lifted clear of the water. That done, Barry Knaggs also went ashore to help, and the two boys were soon put into lifejackets and, as they had arrived by mountain bike, they also put their cycle helmets on for extra protection.

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Leicester Challenge