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The constant movement in the swell was causing the lifeboat to surge on the anchor warp and Mike Picknett dropped the port engine to help take the strain. However a very large sea struck the lifeboat, lifting her almost vertical, and as she fell back into the trough the port engine struck some submerged rocks. The lifeboat was resecured and the engine lifted to prevent further damage.

When the casualties were ready for the transfer the lifeboat was brought nearer and resecured about 30 metres from the shore. While waiting for a 'smooth' to make the transfer three 3 metres seas passed under the lifeboat, lifting her almost vertical again, and as she fell into the troughs her starboard quarter struck the bottom. However, once these had passed the first survivor was brought out to the boat.

Holding the boys firmly and reassuring them all the way, Barry and Gordon made their way out along the line through the surf to the boat. Barry took the youngest casualty out first and then returned to help with the second boy.

With everyone safely aboard the port engine was started, the anchor line and shore line cut and the Leicester Challenge was taken ahead until she was clear of the surf. The second engine was lowered and started and at 1625 she headed back to station.

Framed Letters of Appreciation signed by the Institution's Chairman were sent to Senior Helmsman Mike Picknett and crew members Michael Hoyle, Barry Knaggs and Gordon Young following this service.

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