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On 30 May 1999 both lifeboats from Redcar were scrambled to the rescue of a man trapped by the rising tide beneath the 200 foot high cliffs at Saltburn. In a highly hazardous manoeuvre first the Atlantic 21 class lifeboat "Leicester Challenge" with three crewmembers aboard tried to approach the man through waves between 6 and 9 feet high. Eventually crewmember Tony Wild swam ashore with a safety line and a lifejacket for the survivor but before the man could be evacuated a series of very large waves caused the lifeboat to ground heavily.

At about the same time, with one propeller severely damaged, the other propeller became fouled on a loose rope in the water. Helmsman Mark Reeves performed tremendously well under the circumstances to coax the lifeboat to clearer water.

Having seen the problems encountered by "Leicester Challenge" the helmsman of Redcar’s D class lifeboat "Peterborough Beef Festival 1", Mark Greaves and his crewmember without hesitation or regard for their own safety drove the smaller lifeboat through the breaking seas and onto the shore alongside the trapped man.

With a great deal of perseverance and determination the two lifeboatmen aboard "Peterborough Beer Festival 1" together with Tony Wild were able to evacuate the man after having been first thrown back onto the shore three times by the power of the waves, narrowly avoiding capsize on each occasion. The rescued man was then transferred to the "Leicester Challenge" for a more speedy and comfortable evacuation to safety at Redcar.

The efforts of all five lifeboat crewmembers were recognised by the RNLI Committee of Management with the presentation of Certificates of Commendation to each of them. The Chairman's letter remarks that '...this was a well-executed service carried out in difficult conditions'.

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Peterborough Beer Festival 1