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A few hours later the German barque, Minna, struck an outlying reef of rocks and broke in two. For the second time that day the Burton-on-Trent was launched, and again the rocket brigade set up their equipment. Neither were needed, however, as local people helped the crew of eleven from the barque at low water. The only casualty was the lifeboat, which had a hole stove in her side whilst she was being launched.

The storm continued unabated, and at 11.00 p.m. the brig, Luna, which had lost her masts and anchors, was driven onto the rocks. She drifted clear and was washed through Redcar pier. Heavy seas made a clean sweep over her, and there seemed little hope for her crew. The rocket brigade had used all their rockets on previous wrecks, and both lifeboats were out of action. As a last resort the Zetland was brought to the scene and, despite her venerable age, was used to bring the seven men crew of the Luna to safety.

It was the last occasion on which the Zetland was launched on a rescue mission. Over 500 lives had been brought to safety in her stout hull during a period of 78 years. In 1907 the Zetland was moved into the Free Gardners lifeboat house, the Free Gardners lifeboat having been sold a few years previously.

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