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The next Redcar Lifeboat was the 35ft Fifi and Charles. The last "pulling" lifeboat to be stationed at Redcar, she was launched 17 times and saved 41 lives. Usually launched by a team of horses, on one particular day the horses were not ready and instead dozens of bystanders were encouraged to take the drag ropes and haul the lifeboat to the shore edge. While doing this one woman, Margaret Crosby, slipped under the launching carriage and was crushed to death.

A new self-righting motor lifeboat arrived on March 14th, 1931. She was christened Louisa Polden and was powered by a single 35 h.p. petrol engine. On June 30th the rowing lifeboat, Fifi and Charles, was auctioned on the sands and brought to an end a gallant era.

During 129 years the rowing lifeboats at Redcar had been launched over 100 times and saved more than 740 lives.

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Fifi and Charles