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The advantage of motor lifeboats was clearly illustrated on February 25th, 1933, when the Louisa Polden was called out for the first time.

Around midnight she was launched to search for the collier Sheaf Arrow, which had asked for immediate assistance. A severe gale was blowing from the ESE, it was snowing heavily, and a heavy sea was running. The lifeboat crew spent six hours searching for the collier, not knowing that the distress signal had been cancelled and that she had put into the Tyne. It would have been impossible to cover the same area in such conditions in a rowing lifeboat.

In 1951 the Louisa Polden was replaced by the City of Leeds, a larger self-righter, powered by twin 20 h.p. diesel engines. The City of Leeds served for 14 years at Redcar and saved 31 lives, being launched on service 52 times. Probably the most notable launch was in 1952 to the Greek steamship Taxiarchis. The Taxiarchis struck the Westscar rocks. Despite attempts ro refloat her, the Taxiarchis was finally beached and dismantled for scrap.

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City of Leeds