Rescue – Sunday 23 August 2015

RNLI lifeboat volunteers on an advanced first aid course, together with on-duty lifeguards, sprang into action when a motorcyclist was injured after a collision with a car on Redcar seafront on Sunday 23 August 2015.

The collision happened just after 10am on the Esplanade, Redcar, midway between the lifeguard hut and the lifeboat station. RNLI lifeguards Elisha Doi and Evan Rogers were first on the scene and began treating the injured bike rider.

Meanwhile crew members at the lifeboat station, who were taking part in the RNLI Casualty Care course, and the course instructor also responded.

RNLI volunteer helmsman Mike Picknett, Marc Kelly, the course instructor and a qualified paramedic, left the training course and together with Dave Cocks, the lifeboat operations manager, and who is also a first aid instructor, assisted the lifeguards until an ambulance arrived.

Mike Picknett said: ‘As RNLI crew members and lifeguards we receive a very high level of training in casualty care, much more advanced than standard first aid. We were in the middle of our three-yearly refresher training when we were alerted to the accident.

‘Fortunately on this occasion, despite only wearing a vest and shorts, the motorbike rider had only superficial injuries which the lifeguards had begun to treat before we arrived.’

The RNLI instructor Marc Kelly, himself also a volunteer at the Newbiggin lifeboat station, said; ‘It was really good to see the lifeguards and lifeboat crew putting the skills they’ve learned on the course into practice. They coped very well and did everything that was expected of them to a very high standard.’

The motorcyclist was taken to hospital by ambulance.RTC1