Rescue – Sunday 17 February 2018

Volunteers from the Redcar RNLI lifeboat station responded to a call for help from the UK Coastguard when a man sustained leg and other injuries after falling from steps leading onto the beach at Redcar on Sunday 17 February 2018.

After a brief search of the beach the man, a 71-year-old visiting from out of the area, was found approximately 100 metres from the lifeboat station. The RNLI volunteers, trained to administer casualty care, were able to assess the man’s injuries and prepared a stretcher to carry him onto the promenade. They then assisted the NEAS ambulance crew sent to the scene to treat him prior to placing him in the stretcher and carry him to the ambulance.

A spokesman for the Redcar lifeboat station said: ‘When the casualty care team arrived they found the man had sustained a nasty dislocation to his knee, as well as other very painful injuries to his shoulder and wrist. He was given pain-relief gas, and once the man was put into our stretcher it was a matter of manoeuvring him carefully up the same steps he’d fallen from and getting him onto the ambulance’s trolley.

The spokesman continued: ‘We are trained to give a high level of casualty care so for us it was a relatively straightforward mission, and we wish the man a speedy recovery.’